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Hello Everyone in my Professional Learning Network,

DODH_collab opportunity

Won’t you join us in learning about ePortfolios in Education?

Two Collaboration Opportunities:

ePortfolios in Your Classroom Survey & Why we use ePortfolios

Over the next month I will be looking at my own practice of how we use our ePortfolios in Grade 2ag. The reason behind this is twofold. Firstly, I am in the final stage of my Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (CoETaIL) and need to develop and execute a collaborative project which showcases my understanding.  My collaborations will happen both within the School and across my nexus. Additionally, my students will be preparing material for their ePortfolios ahead of Student Led Conferences and I want to develop our proficiency and style as users. It is my first year with this platform, so I want to really use it more effectively to communicate student understanding. Seems like a pretty good match of need & opportunity.

Amore detailed description of what I hope to accomplish is developing on my blog Digging Out of a Digital Hole. Please, subscribe while you are there, if you are so inclined. I am trying to grow my Professional Learning Network and would love to connect with you.

From Cranking Up the Machine….

“It’s time to kickoff the Digital Portfolio Task Force. Over the next five weeks 2ag and a team of educators will completely change the way Grade Two students engage with their ePortfolios. All initiatives will be centered on improving stu
dent learning. We will examine how to better utilize iPads when contributing content. Also how to improve quality of video by and enrich content accessibility and connectivity of our ePortfolios by adding tags and categories. Most importantly, we will be examining what role our ePortfolios play in a student’s learning over the entire course of a student’s educational career. The goal is evolution of our practice. Join us.”

What I hope to have from you:

Thank you in advance for your participation & patience. It is much appreciated,


Digging Out of a Digital Hole

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