Community Engagement Mission Statement

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Birds of a feather flock together.

As I embark on my Community Engagement Mission, I will need to rely on the expertise and friendship of many individuals and groups. Therefore, I am founding a Digital Portfolio Task Force. Over the next five weeks 2ag and a team of Educators will completely change the way Grade Two students engage with their ePortfolios. All initiatives will be centered on improving student learning. In order to fully understand the varied perspectives, I plan to cast a wide net to encompass ePortfolios across my sphere of influence. I intend to reach out to the following groups of people:

First off, my immediate colleagues. Our Primary School Teaching Team has many levels, not only do we plan, teach and assess curriculum together; but we have similar protocols, needs and materials at our fingertips. Platforms, programmes and policies are all the same for us.  Central to this tier, are my Second Grade teaching team; including the PYP Coordinator and all Specialists Subject Teachers of Dance/Drama, Music, Art & Physical Education. My goal is to facilitate whole school wide discussion, deepening our understanding and improving practice while sharing our creativity.

In the second level,  I will be working with my internal Professional Learning Network which also helps to support this initiative. Again, in this tier the Primary Technology Integrationist appears;, but also includes The impact of the  director of elearning, primary leadership team and the digital portfolio work group.  This level steers the ship and navigating the way forward in terms of direction, execution and participation.

The third level will be centred around Parents. Their understanding of ePortfolios, their opinion of their child’s engagement and benefit as well as their own experience with them.  

The fourth level is related to School communications. How the School shares their policies, practices in a documented form. Specifically the resource’s location, accessibility and ease-of-use.

Fifth will be my external Professional Learning Network, cultivated over decades but  intensively farmed in the last 2 years after the creation of Digging Out of a Digital Hole. Shaped by various forces such as CoETaIL, Digital Dominance, Digital Duopoly, AppsEvents, Twitter, Instagram and the Google revolution in education.  My enjoyment is fueled by my passion as a practitioner of educational technology; I feel that this is the most exciting  profession in the world. Radical change is sweeping through education, not only are teachers being better trained and resourced than ever before; the altered landscape includes developments in curriculum, student learning, instructional techniques and assessment. With so many methods to communicate understanding within the community, I will endeavour to share my process and findings outward. There are so many inspiring examples of people trying to change the world, I am just proud to associate and share ideas with them. I have them to thank for developing my pedagogy and philosophy while challenging me to make a difference as well.

Lastly, perhaps unfairly, the Students. Despite their last place ranking, the Students are the central focus of what needs to take place and why. The goal always is to improve student learning, but this group are mentioned last because I believe strongly that first the teachers must have a clear understanding of purpose; before they can fully communicate their goals and desires. Collaboration with this demographic from the Educator side is essential; but no more so than the need to promote peer-to-peer contributions. Students will work in a shared partnership with the Teachers, but policy and its implementation within the classroom trumps end user collaboration. This only occurs once the big picture of the philosophy of ePortfolios comes into focus.


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