Into the Great Wide Open

into-the-great-wide-open2It is not a question of “will education as we know it change because of technology?” The answer of course is “absolutely, it already has! The indicators are everywhere, the fact that CoETaIL even exists is a testament to how rapidly education is changing. The biggest change? The shift away from traditional educational structures to access learning experiences. Now learning is personalized and borderless.

I was lucky enough to attend Katherine Prince’s Education in the Era of Partners in Code conference ICS hosted in October. The conference covered what the future of education might look like. Sessions included exploring and analyzing signals of change, future educator roles, learning ecosystems and prototyping solutions. A fascinating weekend “developing aspirational visions for the future of learning and examine how to move toward them.” It was especially rewarding as our group was able to discuss real challenges for our school, proposing solutions that could have real bearing on the institution’s future.

A very cool thought as I debated how to start to answer “Where and how will you be teaching in 5, 10, 15 years time?” Initial thought was that I would be teaching everywhere because I am already digitally alive. I feel I am ahead of the powerful ocean waves which bring radical change to this field. As John Mikton writes on Beyond Digital’s Hal, is in the House. We are already at the wearable technologies stage and soon headed towards embedded. Humanity already has the capability for a “potentially new hierarchy where AI supplements a user’s expertise”. Prior to this stage, was the use in Medicine of pacemakers and other such controllable devices; which showed even an extreme examples of cyborgs might not just the work of Science Fiction in the future. At what stage does a Matrix style upload of knowledge becomes commonplace? I figure that reality has less than a half century from being a philosophical conundrum for humanity.  One that society will ultimately choose in favour of.

As for location? My thought is that I will be teaching right in front of you. Personalized learning experiences are already at hand. Students at all levels as well as people of all ages, take advantage of digital content daily to learn. The use of the personalized mobile device is a commonplace with an opportunity to access content specifically targeted and educationally scaffolded for these platforms. The individualized nature of an education is connected with the ability to process and apply information in opportunities for collaboration. Who knows? Already, I have my own YouTube channel where I teach lessons to students who are not the same physical space as me. Once you can reach one person beyond the wall, how many others? Where we live and other physical limitations are no longer barriers. For a deeper discussion, please read my Universal Borderless Patrol post. To conclude, I reference the show, Intimate & Interactive. It was live concerts combined with audience questions for bands on MuchMusic, our Canadian Music television station. With a nod to the title, I believe that Intimate & Interactive best describes where I think education will be in a Decade.

Right here, there and everywhere for everyone.

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